Compatability problem in wineps driver

gslink gslink at
Tue Feb 10 11:33:46 CST 2004

It appears that a check needs to be made in ps.c.  The method 
PSDRV_WriteSetFont passes the parameter size.  In some early Win 95 
versions there was a bug that required that parameter to be negative and 
some early windows programs make size negative.  This produces garbage. 
  It appears that Windows checks and if that parameter is negative that 
it is changed to posative.  I put a patch to make this check into our 
copies of Wine without any problem but I do not suggest a patch.  I 
would like the maintainer of the Postscript driver to do that as there 
is a possibility of other consequences.  It may be that this change can 
be made in ps.c or it may be that it must be accompanied by a flag in 
the config file also.  One program that will not run without the patch 
is DeScribe but I know there are others.

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