strange file name question.

Mike McCormack mike at
Tue Feb 10 12:06:50 CST 2004

Hi Rein,

Are you sure that's not being called through a shell32 API function? eg. 

If not, perhaps make sure that usage of GetFileAttributes() really works 
on Windows.


Rein Klazes wrote:
> Hi,
> Showing my ignorance, but this is the first time that I see something
> like this:
> (agent.xrs is indeed a zip file)
> | 0009:Call kernel32.GetFileAttributesA(416818c4 "H:\\binw\\Agent\\agent.xrs#zip:version.xml") ret=005f4635
> | 0009:Ret  kernel32.GetFileAttributesA() retval=ffffffff ret=005f4635
> it looks that with a normal file function you can access the contents of
> a zip file. 
> What is a proper search term to look for the documentation on msdn?
> Rein. 

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