possible StretchBlt problem

Kevin Koltzau kevin at plop.org
Tue Feb 10 19:26:58 CST 2004

I'm having an issue with StretchBlt and alpha channels, I've got 2 DIBs, and using StretchBlt from one to the other.
If the source and destination height & width are identical, it works perfectly, but if I increase or decrease either
height or width by as much as 1 pixel, the alpha channel appears to be zeroed out

Digging through x11drv, I think I narrowed the problem down to a XGetImage call in BITBLT_GetSrcAreaStretch
where the alpha channel is lost, but when XCopyArea is used, alpha is preserved

I'm not extremely familiar with X at this level so I very well may be completely wrong, and I have no idea
what type of solution there would be

Anyone familiar with this stuff that may be able to help?


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