can the wine debugger be disabled

"Cristóvão B. B. Dalla Costa" cbraga at
Wed Feb 11 07:49:46 CST 2004


Before anyone flames me let me say that I'm perfectly aware of the 
continuing effort of the Wine team for greater compatibility with 
Windows applications, and that the debugger is instrumental in that quest.

However, in the company I work for we will replace a hundred or so PCs 
which run Windows with Linux PCs. The people using these PCs are the 
most clueless possible, and we want to avoid aggravation from them 
when/if the Wine debugger shows up when an application fails. That's 
inacceptable since those people would be lost and not know what to do. 
However, I cannot figure out how to do so using configuration files 
(wineserver -d0 rarely does the trick, and I don't think we can rely on 

So I humbly ask for directions so that I can alter Wine's source code to 
not call up the debugger and instead show a dialogue to inform the user 
of what happened. Naturally, any application which misbehaves and is 
important enough *will* be debugged, we just can't have the debugger 
showing up every time, leaving the app frozen.

(sorry if it's been asked before, I couldn't find out how to search of 
the mailling lists)

Thank you in advance.


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