deliver full path by argv[0] and GetCommandLine for win9x

Frank Schruefer wine at
Wed Feb 11 14:28:43 CST 2004

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Frank Schruefer" <frank.schruefer at> wrote:
>>Was this patch forgotten/rejected?
> Did you consider to provide a test suite as well to justify
> the change?

Not really: It looks like there's already an existing test in
This test is broken BTW *without* my patch, it says:
path.c:756: Test succeeded inside todo block: GetFullPathNameA returned 'C:\shortdir\pathtest.pth' instead of 'C:\shortdir\pathtest.pth'
which doesn't make any sense anyways.

Justifications for the patch:

-Remark in dlls/kernel/environ.c. Quote:
  * WARNING: there's a Windows incompatibility lurking here !
  * Win32s always includes the full path of the program file,
  * whereas Windows NT only returns the full file path plus arguments
  * in case the program has been started with a full path.
  * Win9x seems to have inherited NT behaviour.
Although the comment is not accurate, you get what it says and it's exactly
what the patch should fix.

-the patch clearly fixes an incompatibility.

-the patch is free ;-)

Shouldn't that be enough *justification*?

Another thing is: I'm neither familiar with C nor wine nor Windows and it took
me more than a week of my spare time to make that fix. I'm not gonna spend
another week to find out how to write a wine conform test case, sorry.

Well, I'm not mad in any way if you wanna reject it. Just say so.

What I'm doing now is tracking the case until it reached a final state,
that's why I asked what happened to it.


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