Windows 2000 source code has been leaked

juergen.schmied at juergen.schmied at
Fri Feb 13 03:49:45 CST 2004

Zitat von Jonathan Wilson <jonwil at>:

> I heard news that windows 2000 source code was leaked and have seen what 
> proports to be a filelist.
> Dont know if its genuine but for everyones sake I suggest that all people 
> here completly ignore it (same as I will be doing)
It looks like its the real thing this time. You advice is good but from what I
hear (/.) it's allready spreading wide over 2p2 networks and I expect bits of
knowledge comming from this code showing up on many places soon.
What will you do if somebody posts bits of it as a answer of a question you asked?  


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