VB-Error: Type mismatch

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Fri Feb 13 03:56:42 CST 2004

>I'm trying (again) to run a VB app on wine. But it never shows up. Instead
>I only see a dialog with this Type mismatch error and then it quits. I tried
>to find the place where it goes wrong. Apparently it tries to parse a number
>from a string in VB notation.
>0009:trace:ole:VarParseNumFromStr (L"&H8000",1024,0x00000000,0x408bdee0,0x408bdae0)

I found that this string "&H8000" comes from my code and it's intentional.
In VB you can convert a string to a long by using i=CLng(str). But if the
string number is in hex format it needs to be VB hex notation. This works
on Windows and fails on wine. I now need to find out how CLng(str)
converts the string and why this is different on wine.

bye   Fabi

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