DLL Version Stamp Problem

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Fri Feb 13 09:42:28 CST 2004

"Mike Kost" <mike at tashcorp.net> wrote:

> During my lunch, I reran the experiment at work on the latest codeweavers
> release (2.1). I posted the file to
> http://www.tashcorp.net/Wine/dll.txt.bz2. The functional result is the
> same between the code weavers and Wine 20040121, but if this is a problem
> I'll repeat the run next chance I get at home.
> Command invocation:
> /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine -debugmsg +relay,+loaddll --
> ~/.cxoffice/dotwine/fake_windows/Program\
> Files/Adobe/FrameMaker7.0/FrameMaker.exe 2> dll.txt
> I also uploaded a referenced maker.ini file. It's bz2'ed at
> http://www.tashcor.net/Wine/maker.ini.bz2

Try to make the directory "C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.0"
current before running FrameMaker.exe.


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