Is there an opensource MIDL?

Kuba Ober kuba at
Thu Feb 12 17:43:44 CST 2004


I'm putting up a cross-compilation environment for Qt/Win 
(Professional/Enterprise) so that it could be built (and the applications 
using it!) with crossmingw32 (

In order to enable myself (and other people) to "natively" use ActiveX (and 
thus ActiveQT), I guess I need to find an IDL compiler, right? I think that 
Qt needs it for ActiveQT...

Do you folks, by any chance, know of an opensource midl compiler that I could 
use in my packages? Or is there something at least semi-functional in the 
works somewhere?

My web searches didn't turn up with anything...

Kuba Ober
PS. Please CC replies to me as I'm not on wine-devel

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