Windows 2000 source code has been leaked

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Fri Feb 13 11:02:52 CST 2004

juergen.schmied at wrote:

>Zitat von Jonathan Wilson <jonwil at>:
>>I heard news that windows 2000 source code was leaked and have seen what 
>>proports to be a filelist.
>>Dont know if its genuine but for everyones sake I suggest that all people 
>>here completly ignore it (same as I will be doing)
>It looks like its the real thing this time. You advice is good but from what I
>hear (/.) it's allready spreading wide over 2p2 networks and I expect bits of
>knowledge comming from this code showing up on many places soon.
>What will you do if somebody posts bits of it as a answer of a question you asked?  
Use common sense.

The intelectual property law governing this case is the trade secret 
law. It says that the information is illegal to use if the recipient 
knows, or should have known, that it originated with illegally 
distributed trade secret.

If someone answers a question on this list, you use common sense to 
figure out. If the answer is something along the lines of "MS uses a 
variable named hSoAndSo to pass the handle from InternalGetSoAndSo to 
UndocumentedSomethingOrOther", you use your common sense and ask where 
that info comes from before you put it in. If the information seems like 
something someone reasonably versed in the internals of Windows would 
know without breaking confidentiality contracts, go ahead and use it.

The way I understand it, if everyone on this list avoid doing things we 
all know are not proper, Wine will be ok.


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