Is there an opensource MIDL?

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Feb 13 12:31:40 CST 2004

There's widl in Wine, and apparently Samba also has their own 

Wine's implementation generates headers, and some work has been made on 
generating typelibs.  Samba's can apparently generate proxy stubs.

It would be nice to merge those two into a single implementation, 
possibly under the GPL.  The output of the IDL compiler should be 
licensed under the least restrictive possible license though...


Kuba Ober wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm putting up a cross-compilation environment for Qt/Win 
> (Professional/Enterprise) so that it could be built (and the applications 
> using it!) with crossmingw32 (
> In order to enable myself (and other people) to "natively" use ActiveX (and 
> thus ActiveQT), I guess I need to find an IDL compiler, right? I think that 
> Qt needs it for ActiveQT...
> Do you folks, by any chance, know of an opensource midl compiler that I could 
> use in my packages? Or is there something at least semi-functional in the 
> works somewhere?
> My web searches didn't turn up with anything...
> Thanks,
> Kuba Ober
> PS. Please CC replies to me as I'm not on wine-devel

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