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Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Fri Feb 13 23:30:53 CST 2004

I have to confess that I'm mildly uncomfortable with this; I speak more
freely in IRC that I do in email, at least in part because of the
(admittedly foolish) notion that it's like speech - fleeting and

I know that this is foolish on my part; anyone can lurk in an irc
channel, and anyone can save a log, and anyone can post that log
to a web site.

However, if this web site gets linked off of winehq, then
any off hand remarks I make can get googled pretty easily,
which is going to make me nervous, and I'm going to hold my
tongue even more (and yes, there are remarks in the log
that I now regret having said since it was just published far
and wide :-/; fortunately, they weren't particularly offensive
or bad imo).

This is just my $0.02; there are others who may well feel
completely differently, and may well be right to do so.



Mike Hearn wrote:

>Was not feeling in a wine-hacking mood so I wrote this instead:
>Voila, you can now see the stuff we all talk about in there, updated in
>real time. You need an XSLT capable browser. Any modern gecko browser will
>do it, as will IE6 with the a recent MSXML. Konqueror will not. Opera will
>not. At some point I may move the xslt processing serverside, but not sure
>when I'll have the motivation.
>Have fun!
>thanks -mike

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