SHDOCVW: Mozilla Active X control embedding done right

Mike McCormack mike at
Sat Feb 14 15:45:39 CST 2004

Ove Kaaven wrote:

> Perhaps it would have been useful to be reminded of this earlier, but if
> what you're trying to do is to let a CoCreateInstance on a particular
> CLSID (like IE) create an instance of a different but compatible CLSID
> (like Mozilla), you could have just used the CoTreatAsClass()
> functionality (if someone implemented the necessary CoGetTreatAsClass
> call in CoGetClassObject, at least).

That sounds like a nice clean way to do it.

The only advantage I can thing of that my method may offer is that IE 
will just start working if it installed.  Using CoTreatClassAs I presume 
you'll have to remember to hack the registry to stop Mozilla's Active X 
control being used in place of IE's... unless ofcourse IE remember to 
overwrite the registry keys that are used by CoTreatClassAs...


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