Does winelib implement main()?

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Sun Feb 15 02:26:26 CST 2004

Chris Seaton wrote:

> Using winegcc -mwindows did solve my problem, but now I can't use GDB 
> on my program because it's in a DLL that I can't start in GDB, that's 
> why I don't like the wrapper script.

You can still use GDB (or kdevelop or ddd):
- check out what wine is running on your machine run a wine app and see 
in ps if you have wine-pthread or wine-kthread
- run above under GDB
- put as the command line parameter in GDB
   Example:    (gdb) set args -debugmsg err+all,warn+all -- 
- set environment to match wine execution:
   Example:    (gdb) set environment 
   See your "test" script for exact details of environment used.
- happy debugging under GDB

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