Setup .inf files

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun Feb 15 04:54:32 CST 2004

Chris Morgan wrote:

>The best documentation I've found thus far for inf files, 
>, doesn't have anything about running 
>programs from inside of an inf file.  If this is possible it would probably 
>make more sense to have the inf file register the dlls.  
The way to have an INF run a file is by registering it with (if I recall 
correctly - it has been over four years now) RunOnceEx/Setup in the 
registry. For those who don't follow - RunOnceEx/Setup is a list of 
programs to run, executed synchroniously (i.e. - one does not start 
until the previous one exits), and displaying a small window showing 
where we are along the process). This brings up a small window with the 
list of tasks to carry out immediatly after the INF processing is done. 
There are two problems with this approach:
1. While RunOnceEx/Setup is being processed after each login, the 
mechanism that runs it after INF processing has always been a mystery to 
me. I have found no method, other than running an INF, of triggering a 
processing of RunOnceEx/Setup.
2. Wine(boot) does not currently handle that at all. We currently rely 
on some helper application that does that for us, that usually gets 
installed as part of the IE installation.

The combination of 1+2 means that it'll probably take some time for 
Wine's INF processing to work like Windows on this one.

Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Systems Consulting

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