DOC: winedump man page

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sun Feb 15 09:12:19 CST 2004

On February 15, 2004 07:07 am, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> I've thought about doing that but the README file is written in the
> style of a man page. And ripping one part out would make the rest hard
> to read. A better approach would be to move/rewrite the rest to the
> Winelib or Wine deveolopers guide and than remove the README.

I'd say let's have most of it in the man page. The rest I think
can go to the Devel Guide, so that people are aware of the tool.
We shouldn't add too much in the Guide, just as a small note, 
the rest should be in the man page. Now, since you've done the
man page, can you finish the other bit as well? :))) Thing is
that you now _know_ what parts of the README have been converted
to the man page, and I wouldn't want to lose that info. So we
either (1) delete it from the README as a temporary solution, or
(2) do the right thing and move it to the Guide.


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