Windows 2000 source code has been leaked

Troy Rollo wine at
Sun Feb 15 15:55:15 CST 2004

On Sat, 14 Feb 2004 21:32, Rein Klazes wrote:
> Concerning the trade secret law vs copyright law, there is at least one
> Professor of Law who is disagreeing with you. This is (by US trade
> secret law) not a trade secret anymore:

The referenced opinion coincides precisely with my view of the position under 
Australian law.

There's no trade secret because it's now too far out there to be a secret.

If you read a copy somebody else made, *you* don't break any law by doing so.

If you do read a copy, you need to be careful when using the knowledge not to 
use any of the code that is protected. Without solid knowledge of copyright 
law, this can be difficult.

Perhaps what is needed is  "WINE guide to copyright law" that explains how far 
you can go?

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