Security in ReactOS and WINE with Lsass

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at
Sun Feb 15 16:54:15 CST 2004

Steven Edwards wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am running in to more and more programs that depend on having a
> working Local Security subsystem. I have as a short-term solution
> adapted some of the WINE hacks for advapi32 Lsa* functions in to
> ReactOS but I would like to look at stubing out a lsass and moving all
> of the hacks there so Wine and ReactOS can share more of this
> implementation.

Ok. I suggest that the ReactOS people working on this sort of area
(userspace <-> services communication) would do well to check out this
information I found:
I am quite close to finishing my NdrClientCall2 work which should be of some
help to you.

> I guess I am thinking that on Unix we can create as lsass.exe in
> wine/programs that talks to the WINEserver and deals with the
> unix<->Windows security mess and then on ReactOS we can implement our
> own lsass. This should let us share most of the same code in user-mode.
> Is this something that is do-able? If we try to follow this route with
> lsass and implement it like rpcss in WINE then we should be able to
> share most if not all of the code in question like we are going to try
> to do with rpcrt4.

That sounds like a good idea, although I am worried that we will have more
and more processes that need to be running. For example, some of the
OLE/COM/DCOM RPC stuff needs to be moved into rpcss.


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