CopyFile fails sometimes

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Mon Feb 16 09:52:26 CST 2004

>Actually that's wrong :)  It works if I call the copy tool directly with wine.
>But calling the batch file with wineconsole gives the same error. So it
>could be that wineconsole/batch files/dos mode/whatever don't like
>the very long extensions or the chars contained. Yep, it doesn't like
>the _ after the dot. After removing the underscore it works also with
>the wineconsole. Any ideas?

Seems like that was an error on my side. The copying went fine but
there was an +*ç%" command after the copy in the batchfile which
changed the files. That's why I thought the copy went wrong. Sorry
for the noise.

bye  Fabi

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