Who's Who

Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at coppercolorado.com
Mon Feb 16 19:08:38 CST 2004

I have a preview available of the new Who's Who:

Some notes:
 - the formatting is a little rough, that's on my own to-do

 - if you don't like what it says about you, please let me
   know what I can correct.

 - if your name isn't followed by a description of anything
   it means I'm either contemplating making up a unique and
   interesting story about you or removing you from the list.
   If either of those appeal to you, let me know.  If neither 
   appeals to you, please send me a short description about

 - I may have your "Location:" wrong.  Please let me know.

 - Some of these were taken off the existing one - so they
   may be completely outdated.  If so, let me know what's 
   wrong and I'll try to fix it.

 - If you're simply not on the list it's probably not because
   I don't like you.  It's probably because I'm a slacker.
   Send me something about you and I'll fix it.

Brian Vincent
Copper Mountain Telecom
vincentb at coppercolorado.com
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