What about applications that need 32bit DIB's?

Willie Sippel willie at zeitgeistmedia.net
Tue Feb 17 12:47:58 CST 2004


Some months ago I found a Windows application that needs 32bit DIB's to
work properly, or else the interface looks completely destroyed. 
Setting X to 15 or 8 bit makes Wine crash in that case, 16 and 24 bit
leads to a scrambled interface.
So, given that Windows uses (assumes) 32bit depth, and X won't handle
more than 24bit, why not always assume 32bit depth when X is running on
24bit (and report this to Windows apps) and convert the DIB's to 24bit
later, without the applications noticing? I think there are some other
applications that work with 16 or 32bit, but not with 24 bit - this
should make them work, too (Propellerhead's Reason for example, I
think)... I would try to do something like this myself, but I'm afraid
my limited PHP knowledge won't cut it. ;-)

The application mentioned is Mirage by Bauhaus Software, a demo can be
found at http://www.bauhaussoftware.com .

Willie Sippel <willie at zeitgeistmedia.net>
[ z ] !

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