bt in traces

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Feb 18 04:19:10 CST 2004

>>Is it possible to output the backtrace while the program is running? I
>>mean that with a new debug command e.g. wine_dbg_bt or so you
>>could output not only the name of the called function and the argument
>>values (as with the debug channels) but also the call stack where it
>>came from. That's of course only temporarily for debugging inside
>>wine. If I see that a function has a problem because the argument is
>>wrong it would be much easier to find out where this came from.
>>If I only want to use it inside wine it should have access to the
>>call stack information, no?
>why can't you Just use a debugger?

One thing is that I have a problem with breakpoints, winedbg just
rushes through as explained here: ...  hmm, can't access winehq
again. Mail was "WineDbg didn't stop" from 22.01.2004.

But besides that: I like to have the full picture of what was going on,
from program start to end. And it could also be that a function was
called differently on different occasions. (If there was only one possibility
a simple grep would give me the answer). So a log with some call
stacks would be nice. But if this is too complicated then ok, I just
thought that would be a usefull tool.

bye  Fabi

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