WINE plugins

KappaM KappaM kappam70 at
Wed Feb 18 03:05:06 CST 2004

I have an application and a Netscape plugin that run in Windows. That plugin 
is correctly loaded by either Netscape or my application.
Now I need to "port" these modules on Linux.
To do so I recompiled my application with the WineLib environment, I 
modified/added the interface function of my plugin and alse recompiled it 
with the WineLib environment.
Every thing works fine if the plugin is loaded by my application.
The problem arises when I try to load the plugin by Linux-Mozilla, as the 
plugin is not recognized.
I think that the problem is due to the fact that the wine environment is not 
active, is it correct?
Is it possible to load the wine environment to work only with the plugin 
(not with an application)?

Do you have any suggestions to make my WinePlugin loadable by Linux Mozilla 

Thanks in advance

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