legal problem for using DLL's

Erik Dekeyser erik.dekeyser at
Wed Feb 18 08:40:16 CST 2004

Dear WINE Developers,

Briefly with Bricscad IntelliCAD we have an almost-clone of AutoCAD and we
are very successfull in selling it to large corporations under a Coporate
License Agreement. Several of our Corporate clients want to start with
implementing LINUX in their organization. For their engineering departments
they need an AutoCAD alternative that is 100% compatible with it and that
can be learned by an AutoCAD user in less then 3 hours. BricsCad has
invested a lot in making our version of IntelliCAD a stable, relaible and
performant CAD software, that is so close to AutoCAD. We have it now ready
in a beta version on LINUX. The products name will be BricsCad for Linux and
will use WINE. BricsCad for Linux vs AutoCAD is comparable to what Open
Office is vs MS Office. We will support three versions: Red Hat, Suse and
Java Desktop. Press release is ready.

We are wondering if we can distribute the Microsoft DLL's with the
application without infringing the copyright of Microsoft. The alternative
is rewrite some of them, but that would require a couple of months of
development and postponing the release of the software.
I guess we are not the only ones with this problem?

Looking forward to your point of view
Erik De Keyser
CEO BricsCad
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