About automatic configuration

Robert van Herk robert at robertvanherk.nl
Wed Feb 18 16:54:52 CST 2004


As I'm working (a bit) on winecfg, I noticed the following line on the 
todo list
    Wine installation process should install and configure wine

But of course, winecfg also needs some automatic probing of at least 
disks, since there is a "Autodetect me" button in Winecfg for that. 
Also, Chris Morgan made a cool feature that autodetects your sound system.

I was thinking to write a DLL that would export some functions to 
autodetect stuff... That DLL could then be called from both the 
installation (or directly after the installation) to auto-setup both 
sound and harddisks, and could later on be used from winecfg if 
something ever changes.

Plz give me your opinion on my idea. Is this about what was meant by the 
remark in the todo-list? Would there be any standards to follow for this 
kind of functionality? Or should I just hack around a bit? Or is 
something completely different intended / needed?


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