What's with command.com / cmd.exe

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Thu Feb 19 06:37:39 CST 2004

Some programs, mostly installations also others, look for command.com or 
cmd.exe to spun commands and batch files.
This fails in current wine installation. I know they are not suppose to 
do that they should use an API, but they do. (What is the API for that 
and is it supported by wine?)

I have soft linked wineconsol.exe.so to \windows\command\command.com in 
win98 mode. (%systemdir%\cmd.exe in WinNT/XP) And it works OK. (did not 
yet try WinNT mode).

1) Is this the way to do it? Or are there hidden problems that can 
arise. (I guess what the application is doing is eventually CreatProcess 
on command.com/cmd.exe). If so how are we with 
command-line/Internal-commands compatibility with command.com or cmd.exe?

2) If 1. than should that be done in the regular Install/winecfg 
session? Or each user to himself. Where are these files in the different 
windows versions?

(By the way same problem in cxoffice)

Free Life

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