VarRound implementation

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Feb 20 01:17:42 CST 2004

>Without a test how can you know if this implementation produces the correct values?  What about variant type conversions?  It seems silly to send a patch without testing it...

I didn't mean that I never tested it. Of course I had a test program with which
I found out what results Windows would give me. Then I implemented this
function until my test program gave me the same results as on Windows.
But that was a standalone MFC program. I meant that I tried to make a
test_VarRound function so it could be tested automatically for regressions.
That's where I failed. But the function itself is tested (for the implemented
variant types). I just made the most important types (as are in other
functions such as VarAnd and VarOr) as this will help in the most cases.
I don't know how many people will use Round on anything other than
real types. It sure helped me. And if another type is needed the main
work is already done.
So if somebody else wants to write a test_VarRound please do. If more
work is needed on VarRound please tell me and I do.

bye  Fabi

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