+relay stops window output?

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Fri Feb 20 10:33:26 CST 2004

>I have a problem with debugging. Since cvs update today I can't use
>+relay anymore. The app window comes up but doesn't show any
>content. It's just an empty frame with dead visuals and doesn't react.
>I can drag the frame and close it. But it works ok if I e.g. have +ole.
>Same is with other apps which worked last week.

I was wondering as nobody stated similar problems. Only Uwe
Bonnes confirmed via private mail having similar effects. I updated from
earlier cvs wine versions and found the time where it broke. It was
at cvs -D"2004-02-13 21:27", so about one week ago. I guess the
responsible patch was this (at least it's about painting :)


I don't know how this could have something to do with debugging.
But +relay makes the application... invisible :) Maybe someone
could have a look at it.


bye  Fabi

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