rebar issues

Matt Chapman matthewc at
Fri Feb 20 18:40:00 CST 2004


I'm having some rebar issues with a particular application (Canon
File Viewer Utility).

The rebar is meant to look something like:

|0---------------            |1------|2---|
|3------|4------|5------|6------          |
(and there are some extra hidden bands)

Instead in wine the result is:

|0---------------                       |||
|3------                               ||||

with the remaining bands having 0-size child windows (and there's
important functionality in those bands).  The minimum sizes
provided by the application seem to be right.  The application then
requests maximisation of 0,3,4,5,6 in that order, which isn't
implemented in WINE so that should not do anything, but I'd still
expect the minimum sizes to be honoured.

The output of wine --debugmsg +rebar is at: (62K)

I'm currently trying to understand the source, but if anyone is
familiar with the rebar and has any suggestions that would be
much appreciated.


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