Proposal: new mailing list

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Feb 22 02:16:21 CST 2004

City governments (especially in Germany and France) have recently
begun seriously consider migrating to Linux, and feasibility
studies are being done and to some extent are publically available.
The study done for Munich, for instance, recognizes that cities need sometimes
hundreds of specialized software packages that are not yet
available for Linux, and so the cities will have to continue
running the Windows versions of those apps for the time being.
Yet it suggests using Terminal Services and/or VmWare to run those apps!
Clearly, the Wine community needs to
make an effort to address the needs of city governments
and to get the word out that Wine is a viable option.

One important part of this effort should be a mailing
list akin to wine-users but dedicated to governmental users
of Wine.  (wine-users is full of all sorts of topics that
might not mix well with staid government workers; some of the
games discussed there might even be banned in Germany!)
Dedicating a mailing list to this special category of user
would greatly increase the signal-to-noise ratio, and should
increase the likelihood that government users would feel
comfortable about Wine.

IMHO the list should allow posts in any language;
if nobody can handle the language a post is in, we'll
ask the poster to try again in English.
The goal here is to avoid intimidating
these possibly skittish users; asking them to *always* post
in English might scare some of them away.



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