how to connect to com object "outside" from wine?

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Sun Feb 22 10:08:53 CST 2004

maman yonatan wrote:

>my question is there any way to write a client on the
>native (Linux) using g++ and activation the com
Currently only a Winelib-App can do that look at for what that is.

How ever if you're client is written in ATL or MFC than that is a 
different problem and it will be harder to do.

>does it make a difference if the com object id a dll,
>exe, or ocx ?

ocx is Just a special case of dll. exe is what is called an 
out-of-processs server. It is heavier and slower but has the advantage 
of being able to be single-tone (all clients call on one server). Both 
types are supported under wine.

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