Native NetBSD audio driver

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Feb 22 11:15:47 CST 2004

Yorick Hardy a écrit :
> This patch adds the audio driver winenbsd using the native NetBSD
> audio system as an alternative to OSS. On the one hand
> this is useful to directly make use of the features of the NetBSD
> audio system instead of using emulation, on the other hand
> it is another driver to maintain and is quite close to the wineoss driver.
> If the driver is accepted, I think the NetBSD support for wineoss
> should remain for testing and for the main driver.
I really think we're starting to create a real mess for the audio 
drivers. It's always useful to have drivers access the HW at the lowest 
level, so we should support NetBSD.
However, if the iface is rather close to OSS, I'd rather suggest we try 
to integrate all the drivers with the same features into a single piece 
of driver

> diff -urN /home/yorick/software/wine/wine/dlls/ ./dlls/
> --- /home/yorick/software/wine/wine/dlls/	Sat Feb 14 19:20:00 2004
> +++ ./dlls/	Sat Feb 21 23:43:35 2004
> @@ -1745,6 +1749,7 @@
>  winmm/winejack/winejack.drv$(DLLEXT): winmm/winejack
>  msacm/winemp3/winemp3.acm$(DLLEXT): msacm/winemp3
>  winmm/winenas/winenas.drv$(DLLEXT): winmm/winenas
> +winmm/winenas/winenbsd.drv$(DLLEXT): winmm/winenbsd
this should be winenbsd

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