crosstest compile fix (another)

Hans Leidekker hans at
Sun Feb 22 21:16:28 CST 2004

On Sunday 22 February 2004 15:17, Stefan Leichter wrote:

> as pointed out from Hans Leidekker (
> wine-devel/2004/02/0448.html) mingw misses some GUID in its header files

Well, it was a patch to MinGW and I don't think we should
work around this shortcoming of MinGW by patching Wine.

On the other hand, MinGW is still not useful for us even
if we're sending them patches to fix things every now and 
then. That, and the poor or outdated state of MinGW RPM 
packages, and the plans for a PE build of Wine lead me to
ask myself the question 'Why don't we build our own MinGW
cross compiler packages?'

That way we could have a working MinGW on RPM based distros
as well and we can throw in couple of patches of our own to make
it useful for compiling Wine. Not to create a fork of course,
but more like what Redhat does, i.e. still trying to get patches
accepted upstream.

I have been working on these RPMS already and plan on putting
up a page somewhere shortly. Initial goal is to compile all
Wine tests out of the box.


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