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Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Mon Feb 23 03:20:51 CST 2004

Robert Vojta wrote:

>Hallo all,
>  I would like to ask you if there is a way how to convert .dll
>library to the Linux .so library? This library contains simple
>functions (something like voice codec) "without any dependency" on the
>Windows operating system - it's "platform independet", but packed into
>the .dll.
>  I'm trying google, wine mailing list archives and I can't find
>anything about this issue. Do you think it's possible to do this or
>should I forgot and fight for the source code?
>Best regards,
This subject is discussed often.
You can see Just now another thread: "how to connect to com object 
"outside" from wine?"
that is trying a similar thing.

In your case you should look into the "mplayer" project. They have copy 
pasted wine code to do Just that for VFW & DirectShow CODECs. You might 
be able to do something your-self. Also look back in the mailing list 
(search for mplayer) there was a guy who confest that he had a look. My 
be contact him to see what he's done.

Please if you do succeed, could you post your findings (and code) here 
so we can use it too?

What about this WineGuru of ours. I know, I know. I've been busy too. (much)
WineGuru.org is taken (but not use). I think it would be better to do 
something like: wineguru.winehw.org or wdn.winehq.org or Just 
winehq.org/wineguru. Could you talk to CodeWeavers guys :) ?
I have played around with a template. It needs a php on the server. Have 
a look on: http://www.potato-factory.com/forum/ or Just 
http://www.phpnuke.org/ . I'm trying to get the potato-factory developer 
to do that for us. If needed I'll kidnap his dog or something.
We do need a place where people post their Test projects, thoughts, 
experiments, flops, god little helper scripts and all that stuff that 
can make someone's life easier.

Free Life

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