VarRound implementation

Rolf Kalbermatter rolf.kalbermatter at
Mon Feb 23 05:49:31 CST 2004

Fabian Cenedese <Cenedese at> wrote:

>>be. You have 2 choices: try and match their exact algorithm (v. hard
>>w/o reverse engineering) or use the dutch rounding method (this makes
>>more sense IMO).
>I couldn't find anything about "Dutch rounding". Isn't rounding exactly
>defined? 0.1-0.4 round down -> 0.0, 0.5-0.9 round up -> 1.0?

I would think "Dutch rounding" works always up if you owe a sum and always
down if you get the money ;-).
Honestly though, before the Euro, prices in supermarkets were in cents
and added up to the cent but the total amount was rounded up to the next
5 cents.

Rolf Kalbermatter
<Happening to be a swiss-dutch>

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