crosstest compile fix (another)

Brian Vincent vinn at
Mon Feb 23 08:26:09 CST 2004

> Yep, should have the first version of this service this week sometime.
> Thanks,
> Chris
>> Amen.  Not everyone need to "make crosstest". We would come a long way
>> if testers instead could install the Windows service (not yet written)
>> that downloads
>> the latest crosstest EXE from winehq and runs it.

Speaking of which, SourceForge seems like the ideal way to build
nightly Winetests by using their compile farm.  I've been trying
to get access to it for a few days in order to figure that out.  
All of the pieces seem to fit together and the only unknown is
whether or not they have mingw on their servers.  Does anyone
else have any suggestions how we could create nightly builds?


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