how to connect to com object "outside" from wine?

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Feb 23 10:33:18 CST 2004

Ove Kaaven wrote:

>Neither of those options look much like what I meant. Let's see...
>I'm pretty sure they use named pipes. 

OK I think I understand you better now. What you are saying is that we 
need to study Samba and FreeDCE code to see what DCE-RPC wire protocol 
is. Than fix Wine-RPCRT4 to be compatible with that. Now one can use 
Samba-RPC or FreeDCE on the Linux side, and the Wine side is pretty much 
ready. only we have to fix it so Wine-RPC can work with Native OLE or 
fix Builtin OLE implementation.

I'll try and dig in and collect clients and servers of different 
platforms. Than see when combinations start to work. If any one has some 
RPC code lying around please send them in.
(Also URLs. If it is bigger than 40k send it directly to me).
we need the most simple do nothing no extra code of:

Samba/FreeDCE client and server.
Win32 PE client and server that runs on windows.
Win32 PE/ELF client and server that runs on wine (same machine)

Than with a couple of debuggers and Samba/FreeDCE source code we can 
make it work.

Free Life

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