Winedbg that catches exception raised in IsBadReadPtr

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Tue Feb 24 01:20:55 CST 2004

Fabian Cenedese a écrit :
>>Winedbg catches the exception raised and handled in a __TRY/__EXCEPT/__ENTRY statement in the IsBadReadPtr function.
>>Is it a normal behaviour? And if yes how can I disable it?
>>Without Winedbg everything is fine.
> Winedbg catches every exception. But you can pass it on to the application
> with 'pass'. Then it should continue normally. Of course this can happen
> several times. And if there are many it makes this a long task. But there's
> no way of switching this off.
there is: set the $BreakOnFirstChance internal variable to 0

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