More msvcrt scanf tests

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Tue Feb 24 09:15:49 CST 2004

>>>>> "Dmitry" == Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> writes:

    Dmitry> "Boaz Harrosh" <boaz at> wrote:
    >> >Long long constants are not portable, you need to compute them from
    >> >long constants.
    >> >
    >> >  
    >> >
    >> The official way to do it in GCC (any gcc) is 0x1234567812345678LL
    >> Just like we used to do 0x12345678L in 16 bit In VC++ it is
    >> 0x1234567812345678i64. Intel can do LL as well. Not sure about
    >> borland or watcom. What do OS X use?
    >> I guess you can do: #ifdef _GCC_ #define i64 LL #endif
    >> or the opposite way (#define LL i64 )

    Dmitry> We have to use an approach implemented in include/wine/debug.h,
    Dmitry> wine_dbgstr_longlong(). Any modifier for LL in the printf format
    Dmitry> string is not portable.

But wine_dbgstr_longlong doesn't take a field length, doesn't know how to
print decimal or octal and so on...

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