Theming widgets

Kevin Koltzau kevin at
Wed Feb 25 08:04:18 CST 2004

On Wednesday 25 February 2004 06:28 am, Mike Hearn wrote:
> 4) Theme all widgets with a hard link to uxtheme but have a "Win98 look"
> theme which replicates the current drawing?

This actually would end up happening in all cases, if theming is disabled the widget is responsible for drawing
itself, if theming is enabled then uxtheme handles basically the current drawing system will be kept in place
and an extra path added for the themed case

> Well, to be strictly like Windows then I guess we could actually build
> comctl32 twice with #ifdefs etc for the theming code.

Unfortunately in order to make that work properly, we would need to implement quite a bit of
the Side-by-side Assembly system and the Activation Context API...
Tho it may be possible to do with a hack to just handle loading the alternate comctl when there is a manifest
indicating that

> > Going with that, I think #3 might be the best option, and extend
> > InitCommonControls to subclass the standard controls if theming is
> > enabled
> That sounds rather complicated and like it might introduce further bugs
> when apps don't expect controls to be already subclassed...

I don't think subclassing a standard control as the class level would be detectable to applications..
this is, AFAIK, how Stardoc Windowblinds works

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