VB-Error: Type mismatch

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Wed Feb 25 09:56:49 CST 2004

>> Contrary to my first tests these API functions understand VB hex
>> numbers quite well. There is no problem with these calls on Win2K:
>> OLECHAR test[]={'&', 'H', 'F', '0', '8', 'F', '\0'};
>> VarI4FromStr(test, LANG_NEUTRAL, NUMPRS_STD, &out);
>> VarParseNumFromStr(test, LANG_NEUTRAL, NUMPRS_STD, &np, rgb);
>> So I implemented this in wine too. If anybody has a program (mostly VB)
>> that uses hex numbers in strings please try it out. Without any other remarks
>> I'll send it to wine-patches.
>I believe "&O123" is a valid format also, which is how you specify an octal number in VB

Yes, octal is another valid format. I think I can squeeze it in this patch
as well, most of it is already done. I also need to add another check
as they even understand &h with lower case h.

bye  Fabi

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