Help needed to get the application work for native linux editors

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Thu Feb 26 08:53:51 CST 2004


I can't really give you any advice on using the X API,
but I can tell you that the Win32 and X API are
completely different. If you want to support native X
apps then you will have to either completely rewrite
your Windows program in Linux or you will have to
compile the Linux editor as a Winelib app and run it
under Wine.
I suggest you find a good book on the X API and/or
contact the appropriate mailing lists to find out
which functions you should use.


>>> "saravanan" <saravananv at> 02/26/04 11:17 AM >>>
Hai friends,

    I successfully ran a script manager(keyboard Manager/driver) developed for windows (using VC++) in Linux using wine.  Its working in the wordpad application called using wine.I want to make it work in Linux editors.

 The technical details about the working of the keyboard driver is as follows.
 1) The keyboard driver is a keyboard hooker program. The keyboard driver will trap all the keystrokes from the keyboard and  convert the Ascii value to the appropriate native language Character code.
 2) First we have to get the handle of the window/control where the cursor is currently located, for that the GetFocus API is used.
 3) Virtual-key code of the key that generated the keystroke message is converted to appropriate another code for making the keyboard Inscript or phonetic and send using Postmessage API.
I have some doubts. Do these APIs written for  windows work in linux. In linux , How could i get the handle of  the window where the cursor is currently located. What are the changes that i should make in the source code to make it work for linux editors. 
Looking for your suggessions. Thanks in advance .


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