Native NetBSD audio driver

Yorick Hardy yh at
Thu Feb 26 01:14:31 CST 2004

I was thinking to look at the integration of the oss and NetBSD drivers
this weekend (following Eric and Dimi's suggestion).

Should I rather wait until some restructuring is done?
The inclusion of the NetBSD audio driver is not urgent since oss
already works quite well, and it stagnated on my hard disk for months
before I submitted anyway.

I am not going to volunteer for the restructuring since I have a long
overdue thesis to finish ;-).

>> I  think it might be worthwhile considering restructuring the audio
>> drivers into hardware independent wave, direct sound, midi
>> and  mixer sections and a hardware dependent  low level
>> implementation for oss, alsa, ...
>Yes we should definitely do something like that. This sound driver
>business is becoming a huge mess.

Kind regards,

Yorick Hardy.

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