Help needed to get the application work for native linuxeditors

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   Can you tell me where I can get the help on X APIs. I am very new to
Linux programming.
I feel that replacing windows GetFocus API & Postmessage API with that of
Linux APIs might work.

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> Hi,
> I can't really give you any advice on using the X API,
> but I can tell you that the Win32 and X API are
> completely different. If you want to support native X
> apps then you will have to either completely rewrite
> your Windows program in Linux or you will have to
> compile the Linux editor as a Winelib app and run it
> under Wine.
> I suggest you find a good book on the X API and/or
> contact the appropriate mailing lists to find out
> which functions you should use.
> Rob
> >>> "saravanan" <saravananv at> 02/26/04 11:17 AM >>>
> Hai friends,
>     I successfully ran a script manager(keyboard Manager/driver) developed
for windows (using VC++) in Linux using wine.  Its working in the wordpad
application called using wine.I want to make it work in Linux editors.
>  The technical details about the working of the keyboard driver is as
>  1) The keyboard driver is a keyboard hooker program. The keyboard driver
will trap all the keystrokes from the keyboard and  convert the Ascii value
to the appropriate native language Character code.
>  2) First we have to get the handle of the window/control where the cursor
is currently located, for that the GetFocus API is used.
>  3) Virtual-key code of the key that generated the keystroke message is
converted to appropriate another code for making the keyboard Inscript or
phonetic and send using Postmessage API.
> I have some doubts. Do these APIs written for  windows work in linux. In
linux , How could i get the handle of  the window where the cursor is
currently located. What are the changes that i should make in the source
code to make it work for linux editors.
> Looking for your suggessions. Thanks in advance .
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