Sibelius 2

Andrew L. Bereson andy at
Fri Feb 27 11:52:08 CST 2004

Sibelius is an app for scoring music.

Sibelius 1 runs fine with wine.  Sibelius 2 crashes on startup.

When it crashes there is no useful message, only "Unhandled exception".  Using winedbg
I have found that Sibelius appears to be following a NULL pointer.  I haven't yet
managed to track down where it's getting the bad pointer from... any suggestions would
be appreciated.

I've got some time and energy to try to make this work, but first...
Has anyone else worked  or is some else currently working on this?  What did you find?  
How far did you get?

Andrew L. Bereson      bereson at      (800)307-5754

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