catching first chance exception question

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Fri Feb 27 12:18:06 CST 2004

Robert Reif a écrit :
> I'm looking at how windows deals with invalid
> parameters in some of the winmm functions and
> it raises some questions. Sometimes they will check
> the parameters and return an error code and
> sometimes they will let a bad parameter cause
> a first-chance exception and catch it and return
> an error code.
> Is it ok to do a simple NULL pointer check and return an
> error rather than letting it cause an exception and catching
> it?  If not, what's the best way to catch the exception and
> return the proper error code?
the normal rule of thumbs is:
- don't use exception unless you have to (ie, we have a clear case of an 
application requiring that feature) => first implementation should be 
only based on NULL pointer testing
- if you need to go further, then setting an exception handler is the 
thing to do (using IsBadReadPtr or IsBadWritePtr is a not 100% safe, 
especially in multi-threaded environments)


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