Tom twickline at
Sat Feb 28 21:40:02 CST 2004

Matt Jaggard wrote:
> hi, I left a message, a longgg time ago on your website,
> I was wondering if you could please delete mjaggard at 
> <mailto:mjaggard at>. As I do not want spammers picking my 
> address up. Thanks,
> The URL my address is on is called.
> if you 
> could delete references to mjaggard at 
> <mailto:mjaggard at> or the page that would be brill
> Many Thanks
> M Jaggard

This is a joke or what?
Now you real addy with out the ( _ ) in it is on wine-devel not only by
your post but with my reply as well... Your odds of being spammed
have just increased by some 200% ... But don't worry spam is really
good for you..... :) My dear sweet Grandma use to keep us nice and fat 
on it
when we were just little tikes..


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