Borland C++ 5.5 fails on Link, any ideas?

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Feb 29 04:48:38 CST 2004

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004 21:35:52 -0500, Michael Pyne wrote:
> Anyways, Borland C++ runs fine until it tries to link the program in question, 
> at which point ilink32.exe just sits there and eats CPU cycles.  I've tried 
> letting it run in case it was simply slower than normal due to the Wine 
> layer, but that doesn't seem to be case (I've let it sit for minutes at a 
> time).

Hmm, I've used Delphi under Wine to compile apps just fine, but I guess
the linkers share no code.

Try attaching to the process using winedbg:

$ winedbg
> walk process
> attach 0xf
> walk thread
> bt 0x9
> bt 0xwhatever

to get the backtraces of the different threads (there may only be one).

See if any are stuck inside the heap code. If so try running with +heap
and remember to redirect to a file, as the resultant output will be large.

> OS: Gentoo w/ Linux 2.6.3 (Wine was not compiled using NPTL, but OpenGL 
> support is in)

NPTL is detected at runtime now.

thanks -mike

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