[QUARTZ] Add implementation for IFilterMapper interface

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Sun Feb 29 09:49:32 CST 2004

Christian Costa wrote:

> Fine. :-)
> BTW, Windows seems to only update the devenum entries, if any, of the 
> category eumerated.
> I don't think this is significant or not though...
devenum entries are Just a cache that quartz is keeping. It is different 
between DirectShow versions. I have never figured out how/when it 
decides to refresh the cache but he does a good Job. So I suspect it is 
only an in-session cache that is refreshed every App load (first use).

The main REG, that is standard, and that gets written by 
DllRegisterServer is the HKEY_CLASS_ROOT one.

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