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Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Thu Jan 1 02:14:36 CST 2004

Ove Kaaven wrote:

>ons, 31.12.2003 kl. 17.48 skrev Robert Shearman:
>>No. You should use cpp_quote. It may be necessary to disable stuff in the .h
>>generated file which you can do with:
>You can't use cpp_quote inside an interface definition. The quoted text
>would end up before the generated type, not inside. For interfaces, this
>even has a good reason: the IDL compiler must emit both C and C++
>definitions for the interface, so the interface must be fully parsed
>first, and then the definitions generated. MS considers this a feature,
>as it lets you put typedefs and "import" statements inside the interface
>definition, without harm to the generated header, as the embedded
>typedefs and includes would still appear before the C/C++ definitions of
>the interface.
>Even if cpp_quote statements could be parsed into the type instead of
>emitted directly, where would the result go? In the C definition of the
>interface? In the C++ definition? Both?
>Apparently, MS didn't solve that problem, so widl hasn't either.


Alexandre please permit me to remove unknwn.idl from idl list in 
include/Makefile.in. And send a patch for unknwn.h.
Look at this file if ever it will change the half of windows will stop. 
All that is COM will.
The unknwn.idl file itself should stay in CVS because it is needed by 
other idl files. Just the unknwn.h Generation should be disabled.
Or should we go Ove way with a patch file and an add execution line to 
"make idl"? I think first option is better since that file will never 
(and my mother said to never say never :))

Free life

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